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Do You Understand Your Transferable Skills?

Jack of all trades and master of none. Does your professional experience have your head spinning at times because you feel like a walking computer full of random facts, information, acronyms, and processes? The great thing about having a professional career is that the experiences that you have will mold you for future opportunities in life. The people, events, venues, and resources that you are exposed to can help prepare you for more considerable opportunities down the line.

Large budgets and vast amounts of resources can be provocative to a new professional or one that has extreme company loyalty. However, one should remember that the opportunity can change at any point in time. Therefore, what do you want to be known for? What one skill will you perfect as you move through your professional career?

   If you no longer had your job tomorrow, would you be able to survive as a consultant? Having a clear understanding of what you enjoy doing, what you do well, and things that you dislike doing in the workplace is vital. Having a clear understanding of the transferable skills you have acquired along the way and those that you want to perfect will be key in your ability to start molding your brand as a subject matter expert. Are you taking the time to improve the skills that you would like to master? Are you positioning yourself as a subject matter expert in your space online? Not sure where to get started? Start with this training.

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