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5 Things Your Agency Should Be Doing For You

Have you been attempting to develop your branding and marketing strategy on your own? Have you been bogged down with understanding content development tools and trying to know what to ask for in a marketing professional or agency? The following are a few tips to help you think through what you should be asking for when working with marketing and branding professionals. You agency should help you do the following:

1.) Accurately identify your target audience.

Before attempting any marketing strategies and implementing any deliverables, your agency should help you get clear on your target audience so that you aren’t wasting ad dollars on blanketed marketing strategies. Ensure that you have a clear understanding of your target audience and the personas within it. Your agency should be able to provide historical PPC click rates by industry. Estimated ad performance and reach for social media ads and tested design strategies.

2.) Design an effective branding strategy.

Your brand is more than a logo. Do you have a style guide? Have you established primary, secondary, and accent fonts? Do you have multiple versions of your logos that are transparent for content design and printing purposes? Your agency should also help you develop your brand story because this brand story should be integrated into your website content and marketing materials.

3.) Design an effective marketing strategy.

Your marketing strategy should first start with who you would like to reach and the best platforms to reach them. Deliverables should be brought in that align with your marketing budget and goals of each campaign. Campaigns should be based on your estimated desire of leads and message that you want to send.

4.) Provide you with quality deliverables that help you connect with your audience.

The deliverables used to connect with your audience should make sense. Do not purchase deliverables that aren’t used for platforms that your audience can be found on. Trying to stretch ad dollars by being at too many places at one time is not a formula for success. Choose deliverables that are going to educate, motivate, and inspire your audience.

5.) Grow your brand!

Give your agency a realistic amount of time to grow your brand if the existing strategies aren’t working. Visit analytics, visit your goals and adjust accordingly.

If the items listed above aren’t currently being implemented for your business, book your strategy session today! Visit

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