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Repositioning Your "Why" As a Consultant

Have you hit a wall in developing content that connects with your audience? Often, when you're feeling off track about the ability to drive home the value of your service offering, you may have lost track of your "why." Your why should inspire you to solve a problem for your audience. Your "why" should drive the content and solutions that you share.

Ask yourself the following questions:

-How do I explain the problem that I solve?

-Can my network clearly articulate the problem that I solve?

-Who am I helping in my network?

-Who needs my help in my network?

-Who within my network can connect me with those that need my support?

-Am I consistently communicating how I solve problems?

-Have I analyzed the statistics behind my website traffic and social media to see what type of content best connects with my audience?

Once you think about these questions, you may find the answer to your creative mind block. Now that you have more clarity, what will you do to take action from a prospecting perspective? Here are a few questions to ask yourself about prospecting:

-Have I discovered a prospecting tool that I can use to research my target audience and connect?

-Am I keeping track of my touchpoint status within my prospecting tool?

-What type of information would be beneficial to cold leads?

-Am I challenging myself to get past rejection when prospecting, or is my ego getting in the way?

-What prospecting and follow-up goals have I designed to hold myself accountable?

Now that you have thought about your positioning and prospecting efforts have you thought about what you could be doing to better position your brand? Here are a few questions you should ask yourself:

-Have I updated my website this year.

-Is the problem that I solve clearly outlined on my website.

-Do my social media profiles look consistent and professional?

-Am I consistently sharing quality content on my social media profiles?

-Have I asked my social media audience what they need?

I have some encouragement for you. Challenge yourself to write down your goals for positioning, prospecting, and social media connecting at the start of the day. Prioritize the list and hold yourself accountable for taking action against at least four items per day. When you get stuck, keep your audience in mind and the goals of your business. Are your business goals in alignment with your life goals? Do they need to be readjusted? Adjusting these may make taking action against these steps easier because they align with your life motivators. If you would like to book a brainstorming session to get back on track with your positioning and "why" as a consultant, email us at

Author-Mia D. Martin-CEO of Modern Créatif

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