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Keeping Your Audience First

Content Development takes time. Sometimes you may feel as if you have run out of topics or types of content to share. Ultimately, the content that you create should connect with your target audience and support your ability to provide resources that will guide them through the problems that they face.

It may be tempting to evaluate who you are inspired by and take bits and pieces from their content to formulate your own, but eventually, that can get old, and there will never be any content greater than content created with YOUR WHY in mind. To stay on track with content production, you have to have a content calendar and hold yourself and your supportive team members to sticking to it.

The following are a few tips to help you develop content and not hit a creative wall:

-When you have ideas for content, email them to yourself. Create a folder in your email box and title it “articles.” Place your ideas in that folder when you have them throughout the day.

-When you come across a specific type of problem with your clients consistently, take note and email it to yourself. Continue to probe the issue so that you can learn as much about it as possible. Also, take time to research the problem so that you can learn more about how others are struggling with it and their most significant pain points.

-Review existing content and see what you may have left out. Frequently, material shared can be lengthy but not focus enough on specific issues. Therefore, take time to focus on one subject and develop content around that subject.

In conclusion, content can be fun when you are solving problems. This can be gauged by the amount of engagement your audience shows. By understanding your audience and keeping them first, you can’t go wrong with content.

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