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It’s 2019, Now what?- 7 Things You Should Be Doing with Your Brand

Towards the end of the year, everyone revs up to get ready for their New Year Resolutions. You start purchasing cute new journals from your favorite inspirational store or local Home Goods. You create ten different lists of things you are going to accomplish personally and professionally. You dust off the NutriBullet and stock your fridge with fresh produce. You even order those cool meal prep containers from Amazon with three sections so that you can plan out every meal for the month. Okay, so we are mid-way through January, and the produce may be spoiled, you missed the gym last Thursday, and the Starbucks Frappuccino was too good to pass up while doing after holiday shopping.

Don’t worry. It’s okay. You may or may not have been consistent with your New Year's resolutions so far but here are a few things that you can do for your brand that will help you stay on track for the New Year. Let’s call this plan the 7-Step Healthy Brand & Marketing Plan.

Step 1: If you have not been honest with yourself about who your target audience is for your personal and or professional brand, take the time to do it. Analyze what Google Analytics is showing you. What feedback are you receiving from your clients and peers and who do you really want to service? Have your marketing and branding efforts aligned with your target audience in the past? If not, hire a professional to help you get them in alignment.

Step 2: Once you have indeed identified your target audience, take the time to flush out who your audience personas are. Having a clear understanding of who you are trying to reach will help you better target and spend marketing dollars so that you aren’t casting a net trying to get all.

Step 3: Is your branding current and reflective of your brand? Do you have a consistent look across your social media profiles, your website, your email marketing account and are you clearly communicating your brand story?

Step 4: Have you worked with a professional to develop a marketing strategy. Is your plan inclusive of a budget? If so, how will the budget be allocated to utilize services that will best connect with your audience? Has your marketing professional informed you of the places online and off-line to best connect with your audience?

Step 5: What are you doing to establish valuable leads? Have you been leveraging your network to align with clients that fit your within your target audience? Are you networking at the right events and on the right platforms? Are you allowing bookings with the right potential clients? Remember, to protect your time.

Step 6: If you are targeting corporate clients, have you taken the time to list yourself in their respective procurement portals?

Step 7: Have you developed a useful media kit, capability statement, and or company brochure to use as applicable when opportunities present themselves?

Get your business started on the right foot this year by giving the necessary attention to your marketing and branding. For branding and marketing support, learn more at

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