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How to Make Email Marketing Work For You

Own Your List!

While offering services throughout the country to small business clients, many are skeptical about the success of email marketing. When getting started on your own, developing designs, determining content, understanding frequency, as well as list segmentation,  are some of the items that new email marketers struggle with. According to Kevin George for Marketo, “Four decades after its inception, email is still considered a top channel—fiercely competing with social media and organic search when it comes to delivering ROI. In the Email Marketing Industry Census 2017, conducted by Adestra in partnership with eConsultancy, 73% of email marketers considered the performance of email campaigns either ‘excellent’ or ‘good’ while SEO came close at 72% and social media at 44%.”

I wanted to develop a few simple steps that can help you get on the right track when developing email marketing campaigns or knowing what to look for when hiring someone to perform your email marketing tasks.

1.)    Determine the color scheme, design layout, and fonts that you want to use. As a best practice, focus on 3. Meaning you will want to determine a primary, secondary and accent font and color scheme. If you are looking for inspiration for email layouts, Pinterest has many great examples.


2.)    When developing content, keep these items in mind:

•    Choose a topic for the content of the email that will keep your audience focused. Try to keep imagery, wording, and links associated with the theme of the topic.

•    Use ALT Text for your pictures correctly so that if images do not display, your audience understands what the image represents.

•    Use the 90/10 rule so that 90% of the information offered in the email in educational/informational and the other 10% is a promotional/special offering.

•    Create an engaging subject line. Using a subject line positioned as a question is helpful when trying to capture the attention of your audience.

•    Keep emails clear and concise so that you are getting right to the point.

•    Use effective CTAs (Call to Action), so that your audience knows the next step you would like for them to take. Leading your audience to your website or landing page that features the content you would like for them to see is most effective.

•    Use a non-spammy from name such as your name or the name of your business.

•    Include social share buttons so that your message can be shared.

•    Include your site address, phone number and email address at the bottom of your email so that it is easy to find your contact information.

3.)    Prior to developing your email message, ensure that you have effectively segmented your lists by target audience type so that the message you are sharing connects with your audience. With so many emails coming through our inboxes on a daily basis, you will want to keep your audience in mind by giving them information that they can use.

4.)    Stretch your content across your social platforms by sharing the link to your email posts and or the content within it for maximized exposure. Let’s face it, developing emails takes time. Therefore, sharing your content on multiple platforms only reinforces your message.

5.)    Offer quality lead magnets if you aren’t offering a promotional offer. These are a great way to lead potential clients to your website where you can place the lead magnets with the option to join a challenge or series. You can utilize Constant Contact to create an automated messaging campaign to welcome your leads in. If you need assistance with this, please contact Modern Créatif.

These are just a few ways to get your email marketing on track and put your email marketing system to use. Constant Contact is an affordable and easy way to maximize the impact of your contact. Click here for a trial!

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