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Entrepreneur ADventures in Marketing & Brand

After performing extensive research across multiple platforms, we discovered that finding quality leads is the greatest concern for business owners. Part of the lead discovery and nurturing process is having a professional brand and an effective marketing strategy. Modern Créatif set out on a mission to simplify the concept of branding and marketing for entrepreneurs. We came up with a few questions to point you in the right direction.

Do you know what a brand archetype is? Do you know your brand archetype?

Archetypes make it easier to understand and identify with a brand. As humans, we naturally group like ideas, patterns, and designs together. By being able to identify and recognize common traits in design, people, content, etc., we are better able to connect with stories based on a sense of familiarity. Archetypes are essential to branding because they help your audience connect and trust your offering.

After you have a clear understanding of your brand archetype, the next step would be to develop your brand narrative. What makes your company unique? What is your history? What are your goals? Who do you help?

Do you have a clear understanding of your target audience and your audience personas?

What is your business why? Who do you want to serve? Who is your ideal customer? Where do they hang-out online? Data can support you with the development of your audience personas because it helps uncover who responds to the content that you share. Being clear on your audience personas will help you better speak to them.

Do your campaign stories connect?

When you share your campaigns, create stories that connect. The campaign should be clear in stating the problem, how you solve it, and how your audience benefits.

Campaign development is vital for each platform that you share content on. Once you have identified your target audience and personas, understanding where they hang-out online is critical. However, the way you share a campaign across platforms may vary due to the way your audience communicates on that platform. Be mindful of imagery, fonts, design, etc. so that your content can best connect.

In summary, understanding your business why, who you want to serve and how to connect with them are key components of an effective marketing strategy. This short article is just an introduction to what you will need to position your business for success. You can learn more at Modern Créatif Agency Bootcamp’s “B2B Branding & Marketing Refresh”

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