• Mia D. Martin

Creating Quality Content When You're Closed In

During this time, many of us are trying to balance family, our homes, workload, and self-care. Social media will be an outlet for many to engage and feel connected as face-to-face human interaction has reduced. However, with the influx of content, views, advice, and best practices that are being shared on social media, you must maintain focused on the core of your professional brand.

Start by revisiting whom your target audience is, reviewing and revising audience personas as applicable, and coming back to your business “why.” The content that you share should balance education, inspiration, and motivation. For those looking to position themselves as subject matter experts in the consulting space, the educational resources will help you break through the noise.

During this time, some individuals are looking to enhance a skill, elevate their performance, make a professional pivot, or pick up on a passion they may have placed on the back burner. Your ability to provide content that supports their personal and professional development will help you better position yourself as a thought leader. Resources such as articles, webinars, helpful videos, and mini-ebooks are just a few ways to help your audience overcome the developmental obstacles they may be facing.

If you would like to chart out the content you would like to share over the next few months with a strategy session, email info@modercreatif.com

Wishing you all a safe and enjoyable time while you are working from home.


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